Walter Maria Padao embodies the artistic exploration of dynamic body-space relationships in his paintings. Figures immerse themselves in ambiguous, stage-like spaces, illuminating fragments of scenes in distinctive postures and gestures. His painting, driven by impulse and the expressive moment, incorporates temporality into the image and unfolds a rich field of associative possibilities.


The animation "Evangelia" by Walter Padao shows a sequence of a slowly moving dancer composed of individual drawings / still images. These images are drawn from changing perspectives and give the impression that the viewer is walking around the dancer. Returning to the starting point, the whole thing repeats - a recurring sequence, a loop. Similar to "Bullet Time," a film effect familiar from "The Matrix," the viewer's position changes, but the dancer does not "stand" perfectly still - she is not frozen - but moves herself as if in slow motion. Padao's works reflect aspects of temporality. In "Evangelia," he subtly experiments with shifting the relationships of body, space, and time, creating a special moment of meditative stillness. And the music by Julia Kent magically supports this atmosphere.




The Collection includes two types of NFTs.

Type 1: 85 NFTs (1:1) of the stills, each one representing a single frame of the loop. Each NFT is priced at 500 € and is accompanied by a handdrawn art print, signed by the artist.

Type 2: Edition of 5 NFTs of the video loop. Each NFT is priced at 2.000 € and is accompanied by a handdrawn art print, signed by the artist. In addition, you get to choose from one of the stills NFTs.