Reinhard Schmid

Reinhard Schmid, an accomplished German artist, boasts over 30 years in traditional art and 25 in digital art. He's notably recognized for his unique technique of using pencil and watercolor on the reverse side of glass, blending classical and contemporary styles. Schmid has elevated the traditional "sous verre" method to new heights and is unrivaled in his mastery. His career includes collaborations with Jaro Art Galleries in New York and a residence in Chicago from 1991 to 2001. Schmid's works are featured in private collections and galleries across Europe, the US, and Japan. Since 1990, he has operated his own gallery. Recently, he has joined prestigious groups of painters, focusing on large-scale oil paintings using old masters techniques. In 2018, Schmid ventured into crypto art, joining Makersplace and later premier marketplaces like Superrare and Known Origin. In 2020, he was part of the esteemed Art x Whale project, and his NFT works are now found in prominent collections in the NFT space.


Join us in celebrating the 5-year anniversary of Reinhard Schmid's iconic centerpiece, the "SmackMan"! 🎉 It all began in 1998 when Reinhard crafted a masterpiece using his unique technique, blending graphite pencil, watercolor, and acrylics on the reverse side of glass. This artwork, titled "Siebenmeilenschnecke," marked the genesis of a remarkable journey.
For the 5 Year Anniversary, Reinhard Schmid assembled an exceptional group of talented artists known as "The Smack Pack." Each artist, including Arne Spangereid, Basileus, basseado, George Boya, Buzzlightning, Hair of Medusa, Coldie, Decryptolorian, Gala Mirissa, and many others, pays tribute to Reinhard Schmid and his art.
Every artist contributes their unique interpretation of the SmackMan to a special NFT Group Collection, set to drop on December 15, 2023, on Makersplace.


Public Sale: December 20th on MAKERSPLACE

To celebrate this extraordinary event, Flux Collective invites you to the Neonreal Gallery in Düsseldorf on December 16, 2023. Reinhard Schmid himself will be in attendance, joined by the participating artists through a live stream from around the globe.
We extend a warm invitation to everyone to join us in celebrating Reinhard and this exceptional event! 🎨🌟

Thoughts Are Free | 5 Year Anniversary Drop

NFT Reinhard Schmid

Join us in celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of Reinhard Schmid's journey and genesis mint on MakersPlace, presented by top collector, producer and artist champion AnimusLive. Right from the outset, Reinhard Schmid etched his name into MakersPlace history. As an OG and NFT art pioneer, he made the platform's first two purchases, followed by the genesis mint of his own artwork 'Thoughts Are Free' on August 27th, 2018, In the dynamic world of digital art, this defining moment which is indelibly recorded on the blockchain, is a milestone in the Reinhard Schmid's legacy. A new chapter added now by the 5 Year Anniversary on MakersPlace, shows his growth, drive for innovation, and passionate dedication to a creative vision. In honour of this event, Reinhard Schmid and AnimusLive proudly unveil two new incomparable works, marking yet another milestone. Based upon the original 'Thoughts Are Free', they have been created entirely with digital tools and show the progress made in merging the artist's traditional visual language with digitally native methods.

N°1 : Evolution

ADDITIONAL DETAILS 2048 x 2732 px, MP4 (99.06 MB) This is a signed and limited edition digital creation. You're purchasing the full non-commercial rights to this creation.

N°1 : Celebration

Edition of 33
ADDITIONAL DETAILS 2048 x 2732 px, MP4 (35.36 MB) This is a signed and limited edition digital creation. You're purchasing the full non-commercial rights to this creation.

N°1 : Bonus

We are proud to have the pioneer and OG Reinhard Schmid as an important part of the collective. Co-founder COUDE therefore has the honor of collaborating with Reinhard Schmid and creating a remix of "Thoughts Are Free", called N°1 : Bonus, which will be available as a limited NFT edition of 50. Not available for purchase, however, but only as a FREE BONUS for the loyalty of Flux Collective members and Reinhard Schmid fans!

Chasing Angels

Edition: 17 This artwork was created for artist Reinhard Schmid's first solo drop on Makersplace and is originally presented IRL by Flux Collective at NEONREAL - The Gallery, in Düsseldorf, Germany. "The purpose of art is to make the invisible visible." - Paul Klee "Chasing Angels" is an animated digital collage based on Reinhard Schmid's traditional artwork and digital assets. The piece features the iconic SmackMan and an angelic figure from the artist's first oil painting created for the "Ange Exquis" project by the international artist group Libellule. The main scene is set against a sequence of subconscious images, creating a surreal atmosphere that is both twisted and humorous. The visuals are colorful, upbeat, and complemented by the complex beat of the soundtrack.
Price: 0.21439 ETH ($340.00)