Buzzlightning is no stranger to the crypto art scene. He creates a harmonious symbiosis between the past and the future of art. His works, which have been exhibited in renowned galleries and on platforms such as SuperRare, KnownOrigin, AsyncArt and Makersplace, are inspired by the themes of technology, society and the environment. Buzzlightning has his finger on the pulse of the digital world, giving us new perspectives on what art can be. In the solo show "Satoshi in da Box," you'll be immersed in a variety of captivating artworks. From "Bitcoin & the leaf-cutters", which explores the many facets of Bitcoin and shows us that this cryptocurrency is much more than just a financial revolution, to "Waiting for the rocket", which traces the amazing journey of Pepe the Frog from a meme to a symbol of internet culture. Each work tells its own story and makes you think about our digital world.

Bitcoin & the leaf cutters Edition 10 Price: 0.16 ETH
Waiting for the Rocket Edition 10 Price: 0.16 ETH
D3CentRAL Edition 10 Price: 0.16 ETH
Hodlers Edition 10 Price: 0.16 ETH
Satoshi in da Box Edition 100 Price: 0.016 ETH
Satoshi outer of the Box Edition 10 Price: 0.16 ETH